Our Story

Receivable Solutions has been successfully providing AR Management and Collection Services for over 15 years. While we are clearly not a fit for every provider, we have been extremely fortunate to have mutually beneficial relationships with a great number of health systems who wanted to increase collections as much as possible while still maintaining an incredibly high level of patient service.

Our approach is centered on a solutions-oriented tact, always taking into account the person owing the balance didn’t intend to create the debt. We will not engage in any collection strategy that doesn’t involve treating a patient/guarantor with dignity and respect.

The RSI philosophy is firmly rooted in our business office background and we are always sympathetic to the need for results, but we do not operate in any gray area as it relates to compliance, data security or collection techniques. Some providers may not share this sentiment, but we maintain a conservative posture as it relates to all privacy standards, compliance statutes, collection-specific laws (FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA, etc.) and FTC interpretations.

Our Team

Paul Reardon, Owner/Partner – Co-founded RSI in 1999 and has held various Executive level Revenue Cycle positions including Director of Revenue Cycle at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center ($1.5 billion in net revenue) and McLeod Regional Health System ($1 billion in net revenue).

Donald DuRant, Owner/Partner & Chief Compliance Officer – Co-founded RSI in 1999 and is responsible for creating the structures and process ensuring data security and regulatory compliance. Mr. Durant is a 28 year veteran of PFS experience including PFS Director at Kershaw Health, Beaufort Memorial Hospital, and Lexington Medical Center. Donnie is a Past President of South Carolina HFMA.

Brent Rollins, President – Began career in healthcare receivables management in 1993 and has held executive positions since 1999. Maintains organizational oversight and responsibility for strategy development, strategy execution and interfaces with clients on a day to day basis.


The RSI Leadership team has over 75 years in Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Collections experience.

  • We treat each interaction with your patient as though they are our customer.
  • We operate with full transparency and expect the same of the providers we serve.
  • We realize we can never know the patient base of the providers we serve better than they do, and regardless of how much ability we have or technology we have access to, our best strategy for improvement is to listen to our clients.
  • We believe failure to improve, innovate and inspire is to fail. Although backend collections is not nearly as dynamic as managing a revenue cycle, we clearly understand, even in our world, good enough is not good enough for very long.

“RSI understands my job and how their efforts impact my success.   I don’t spend time having to explain my world to their team.” –Director of Revenue Cycle at 200-bed facility in the Southeast

“Receivable Solutions treats our staff and our patients with the same level of respect we expect from ourselves.   Their interactions with our team, at all levels, have truly been impressive.” – CFO at 330-bed facility in the Southwest

“They (RSI) focus on recovery, but their level of transparency stands out beyond their collection efforts.    From the beginning it has been obvious they truly had our best interests in mind with every decision they make.”  – AVP of Revenue Cycle, multi-facility system in MidWest